Appeal to those who are not indifferent for progress.
Hello. Economics has turned from a humanitarian science into an exact mathematical science thanks to the appearance of a metric unit of measurement of value – a unit that cannot be faked, but the whole world with its benefits is possible to evaluate:
All the money in the world is 1.5 quadrillion $:
1 500 000 000 000 000
There are 100,000,000 parts (Satoshi) in one Bitcoin- bitcoin is divided up to the eighth decimal place instead of two for all currencies .The question immediately arises why this was provided …
At the price of 1 Satoshi = $ 1, then 1 bitcoin will cost
$100 million.
The amount of Satoshi will be enough for the entire global paymenequivalen
($2 quadrillion) :
2,100,000 0.00,000,000
(the bitcoin blockchain formula includes the release of only 21 million bitcoins -this is inflation twice lower than gold and each is divided into 100 million parts-Satoshi, only 4 million already. Bitcoins are irretrievably lost by the first miners and there will really be no more than 15 million coins in circulation.- in general, the same 1.5 quadrillion dollars in equivalent.)
The Lightning Network technology already processes millions of transactions per second, which makes bitcoin a competitor of SWIFT, VIZA, MasterCard, PeyPal and other systems developed back in the 70s and requiring manual accounting verification of transtransactions
 USING BITCOIN as a technology of TRUTH.
 Fiat currencies and stocks have been living out their last years .
The stock market is collapsing under the onslaught of Fed manipulation, the stock market is the stock market of old technologies and the realm of crooks – brokers intermediaries and bankers. Cryptocurrency and tokens, this is the market for new shares of new technologies, are available to everyone directly, so who is for the future development of the TECHNOLOGY of TRUTH – BLOCKCHAIN and the modernization of society with this technology, society without lies and fraud (everything is visible in the blockchain and nothing can be corrected) of course , he will choose cryptocurrency and tokens .
Digitization of the rights to the ownership of movable and immovable property into blockchain tokens will allow the automatic turnover of the property of citizens and enterprises without the intervention of corrupt officials and raiders .What is currently being implemented in the UAE, Canada, Singapore,Australia…
 A completely new technology was born – the transfer of values – this is a new Internet for the transfer of values, as well as the Internet of information, it is impossible to invent back, yes, as well as key inventions: the wheel, electricity and the internal combustion engine, it will deprive many people of old professions of work (in our case, these are value accountants – bankers, registry officials, notaries ...) as it was with cabs and farmers, but a hundred years ago no one abandoned tractors and airplanes in favor of wagons and caravans, and today the technology that is faster, more convenient, cheaper and more reliable will take its place in the community of value accounting.
 A technology that has not been opened by more than one hacker for 14 years of existence and which already has resistance to hacking from even a quantum computer (all thefts are carried out from ordinary servers -exchange sites and unreliable WEB wallets that are opened like old payment systems – hackers steal billions of dollars from credit cards every day, but banks are silent about it , and only increase the staff of programmers who catch these transactions manually and restore their customers' balances manually)
 Bitcoin is not only a new reliable payment system, but a new technology of automated trust and a whole army of lawyers are at risk of being out of work – they will be completely replaced by smart contracts on the blockchain.
 On a decentralized smart contract , no one can avoid responsibility for not paying their obligations and everyone receives favorable tariffs and the absence of theft and corruption . (Actually, it is clear why cryptocurrencies and smart contracts for blockchain are primarily developing in countries with low corruption, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, slow down among the cunning businessmen of the United States, Britain and are completely banned in authoritarian corrupt states.Until 2009, we had an Internet of Information, and after that we had an Internet of Values.
A smart contract will do everything by itself, no collateral institutions or courts are needed – they, like banks , become useless organizations – blockchain , as a technology of truth , works according to formulas and does not require authoritarian and authoritative institutions .
How is Bitcoin secured:
And what is the Bitcoin payment network today – it is more than 300 million. Wallets of users containing a copy of the registry are more than 20,000 masternode servers leading the distribution of records of new transactions among these wallets and more than 4,000,000 miners united in thousands of pools confirming each transaction of masternodes and in each miner 400 processors from 16 to 5 nm architecture (the most modern) equal in power to a billion conventional desktop computers -this whole network was created by private investors at their own expense and has no other more powerful analogue in the world and is not subject to any of the governments (in fact, there simply are not so many desktop computers in the world – only the golden billion of the population can afford them, and not every such family has a computer at home, not to mention about giving its power to an organized network for round – the – clock operation , and the supercomputers of the states are single and their total power is small )-ALL THIS POWERFUL BITCOIN INFRASTRUCTURE HAS NOT GIVEN A SINGLE FAILURE IN THE 14 YEARS OF ITS EXISTENCE (exchanges and online wallets that stored private keys for signing transactions on their old unsecured servers were opened, but not the Bitcoin network) . When asked what Bitcoin is provided with, this is the answer: ITS INFRASTRUCTURE is equal in power consumption of an average European country, and in computing power it has no equal in the world! You may object that this is a very energy-consuming network, BUT 105 million people work directly in the banking sector (which is absolutely not needed with this technology), 200 million more people work in related industries and 100 million more people work in related technological chains - what a colossal amount of resources and energy these are not the poor compare the strata of the population to the whole continent !
Bitcoin is an independent payment system around the world . For example, to create such a payment system in the form of a bank, it will be required in every city, village, village, aul... create a branch with employees and a private communication channel . How much will such an infrastructure cost even with a separate bankers in one locality! Bitcoin has done an incredible thing - it has provided a personal banker to every inhabitant of the Earth, anyone can send valuables over the Bitcoin network to any person or even a robot in the world through a "personal banker", which is his Bitcoin wallet. Now imagine a bank with the number of employees equal to the number of inhabitants of the planet - and how much such infrastructure will cost !
 Today it is possible to take this metric system into its own ownership due to its energy resources and the low exchange price of the network . And then the whole world will use the metric system of evaluation and exchange of values:
It's just that today you can pick up the only independent metric payment system of values for 300 billion.and the whole world will use it for 1.5 quadrillion dollars ( 1500 trillion or 1 500 000 billion , and this is revenue by 5000 times ) how do you like such economic growth !
More precisely, there are only 2 million in circulation.Bitcoins, the rest are already in strong hands, and this is no more than 30 mlr. Dollars of costs for the implementation of global control of the turnover of metric values.

To begin with , start selling oil from all countries for Bitcoin to accumulate the maximum amount bypassing purchases on exchanges .