Global finance will change in a revolutionary way in the coming year.

To understand today's situation, you need to look back 13 and 50 years ago and accept the following facts.


1) Since the dollar went off the gold standard 50 years ago in 1971, the printing of dollars has gone beyond the pale. This fact did not bother anyone due to the fact that the dollar became the world's unit of account and was provided with the world's gross industrial product - all countries create products or sell their natural resources, and the United States only prints dollars and changes all the world's wealth to this paper (more precisely, fabric - dollars from cotton). If someone did not like this state of affairs and there was a desire to pay through the clearing exchange of the national currencies of the trading states, then aircraft carriers approached this country and there were "very democratic elections" and everything fell into place.

2) On January 3, 2009, a network within the Internet was launched that was able to take into account, transfer and control the exact mathematical unit of value around the world without the participation of officials from banks and governments - the network provided the ability to transfer, store and pay between each person with values ​​​​anywhere in the world, in fact, provide everyone an individual bank right in his pocket - his Bitcoin wallet in his smartphone (more about the essence of this technology: ). The network has no inflation and a supervisory authority, it belongs to no one and the whole world at the same time.

3) an important fact - since 2022, the banking system has ceased to perform its functions of preserving, transferring and independently exchanging values ​​around the world to ensure trade and preserve capital. Yes, this system was cumbersome, more than 100 million people worked there, serving related professions up to 200 million people and other subcontractors under 100 million people. All these golden half a billion people smoked the sky with their cars, private jets, offices - skyscrapers, luxurious villas on the luxurious coasts of the best resorts for the sake of one goal - to keep records of their clients' accounts in their bank offices, and who, as they say, "is sitting by the stream, cannot but drink water" - in general, the system is extremely expensive, both for customers who are forced to pay incredible commissions for payments and interest on deposits equal to or less than inflation, and for the entire planet containing all this fraternity of luxury consumers on its neck with an insane carbon plume.

So, on February 24, 2022, bankers robbed an entire state the size of half of Eurasia, embezzling its national reserve by stealing all its dollars. The conclusions that other smaller states immediately made, and even more so corporations and individuals, are that they will be the next in this lawlessness. In the same quarter, these same bankers announced that trade with this state was impossible and turned off their old technologies of the 70s for transferring payments between bank branches (SWIFT). Thus, both functions of the banking system - the preservation and transfer of value - ceased to be served by a half-billion-strong caste of bank employees.

4) Over the past 50 years, the entire Western value system has been based on printing dollars and creating the appearance of prosperity by tying over 100 trillion of these unsecured dollars in the speculative stock and wood market, which hid them from the consumer of ordinary goods and did not create inflation.

5) The pandemic has accelerated the printing train to indecent proportions - 40% of all dollars in the history of mankind have been printed in three years.

6) Most countries refuse, some forcibly and some voluntarily, to use the dollar in the future as a unit of account and a means of storage and are urgently looking for a replacement for it. The dollar is no longer needed for international payments. The Fed - the main printing press urgently curtails the issue and sells trillions of dollars of stock received in exchange - the stock market is flooded with supply and falls. It’s impossible to drive aircraft carriers in order to force them to use the dollar as before - firstly, they themselves denied this right, and secondly, effective hypersonic missiles of the "Dagger" type with the GLONASS guidance system (not blocked by the jammers of these aircraft carriers) makes them unviable - one dagger costs tens of thousands of dollars, this is minus an aircraft carrier worth billions of dollars, in general, one medium-class submarine can destroy the entire fleet of a superpower, which makes this power not at all "super"

These facts allow us to draw the following conclusions.


1) The world is switching to clearing settlements between national currencies with a complex algorithm for calculating the international values ​​​​of these currencies and urgently needs a single metric system, which was the dollar before, which is the meter to determine the distance (not to measure in boas and parrots) or Watt to calculate power in understandable units and not in bulls and elephants.

2) such a tool exists and has been successfully working for 13 years - - available only via VPN, it's too early for everyone to know about it.

3) the world is urgently transferring falling valuable obligations of stocks, bonds, derivatives into some other value, while there is no consensus on which one, but the obvious conclusion suggests itself - Bitcoin is very easy to store, transfer and does not depend on anyone.

Now for some math.

There are $100 trillion tied into stocks.

10 trillion dollars is stored in gold. Gold cannot be instantly moved around the world, it is very expensive to store it, and it is very easy to take it away - it is difficult to perform the functions of payments and preservation of values.

The Fed has printed more than $20 trillion in the last two years, and most of it has been given as a substitute for stocks.

In the coming year, the Fed is selling all the savings in the amount of more than $ 10 trillion, which creates unprecedented pressure on the markets for their massive fall and the release of dollars, as we know, unable to serve as either a store of value or a means of payment.

All national currencies are now not controlled by the FRS and are printed by their governments in uncontrolled volumes for the purpose of paying salaries and pensions against the backdrop of either a complete shortage of energy resources and food or to pay for defense government orders, have sanctions restrictions on moving around the world and cannot serve as either a store of value or a means of payment.

The only resource that has neither inflation nor control capable of making payments around the world is the Bitcoin payment network, to which states are already switching as their own national currency, and 44 more states of Latin America will soon join the first two states.

Due to the fact that the Fed does not have Bitcoin in its accounts, it will not be able to put pressure on the market, and the continued fall in other markets will create an unhealthy interest of those who have not come to terms with the complete loss of their savings, probably at least 10 trillion dollars will be converted into Bitcoin.

Today, 19 out of 21 million bitcoins have been mined.

Irrevocably lost to the first miners 5 million Bitcoins.

There are no more than 2 million bitcoins on the exchanges. The rest are in the strong hands of investors - the weak ones were squeezed out of the market in 13 years with the help of high volatility.

And the final calculation: 10 trillion is 10,000 billion, or $10,000,000 million divided by 2 million bitcoins, we get the result of 5 million dollars the price of one bitcoin at the end of the current crisis of redistribution of value systems.